Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Smiles Types

Babies Smiles are the most pure one .... even thwy are white , black ,fat or thin .... etc
 they really don't fake ... what a pure world they are .
We have 135 distinct gestures and expressions of our face, head and body. A British research team has cataloged these and registered that 80 of them are head gestures. It takes 64 muscles to frown and only 13 muscles of face are used to smile. Though we generally consider smiling is the expression of happiness and pleasure, we should also remember that smiles are not always associated with happy moments. The basic smiles are

Simple Smile
This type of smile takes place with teeth unexposed, generally found in persons busy with any outgoing activity.

Upper Smile
In this type of smile, the upper incisors are exposed and people make this smile while meeting others keeping eye to eye contact. It is done during greeting, meeting friend etc.

Broad Smile
During this type of smile, both the upper and lower incisors are exposed. It happens during a goal in football match or in any other games and sports. Generally no eye to eye contact takes place during this type of smile.

Oblong Smile
Oblong smiles are not a real smile and generally made as a part of courtesy or politeness. During this type of smiles the lips are drawn fully back from both the upper and lower teeth and thereby making the oblong with the lips. During formal moments, these types of smile are seen more as to give feelings that the joke was very nice.

Tight Lipped

In this one, the lips are tightly stretched across the face forming a straight line and concealing the teeth, this smile is not so much used by liars as by people who have secrets or are withholding their true opinion or attitude towards something. It’s also used as a polite smile by someone who doesn’t like her company but doesn’t know how to get rid of them.
This is a funny one, smirking is when someone displays two different emotions on their face, the zygomatic muscles on, let’s say the right side of the face for this example, will pull the right side cheek and lip upwards, but the right side of the brain controls the left side of the face and will have the opposite effect of pulling downwards on those same muscles of the other side, giving a smile/frown contradiction effect. Try looking at the example picture on the side, if you put a piece of paper right through the middle covering the right or left side, you’ll see two different types of emotions in the faces are expressed. This type of smile displays sarcasm.
Shy Smile

This one works marvels on men with the head turned slightly downwards and facing away while looking upwards and holding a Tight Lipped smile, it will make the person look more innocent, juvenile, playful and secretive and was used by Princess Diana.
Compulsive Smile
There are some people who smile a lot for no reason all the time displaying most of their teeth as they are thought of as being suspiciously happy, because they either know something you don’t or they are being fake with everyone to gain something out of it. This type of smile can be noticed by the lack of wrinkles around the eyes when they do. There are people who are constantly genuinely happy and even when they aren’t, they will still smile.
Teeth Display
Some people will widely open their mouths and simply display their upper teeth in hopes it appears they are laughing or are playful all the time, it usually works as it makes them appear happier, friendlier and therefore more likable amongst others and easier to approach.

Monday, 29 August 2011

(رسالة مُشفّرة إلى صديق مايعرفنيش

بدايةً هذه ليست كلماتي , ولكن كلمات الكاتب  " عمر طاهر " وقد اعجبتني بشده 

ماتعتذرش مرتين لأنك فى المرة التانية بتفكَ...ّر
اللى قدامك بغلطتك..
والأنتقام ضعف و العفو منتهى القوة..
وعاقب الغلطان باجتنابه و كافىء المحسن بالقرب..
والغضب حالة القرار فيها للأدرينالين أوعى تخلى هرمون يعيشك بقية حياتك ندمان، خد قرارك بعد ما يروح الزعل علشان يبقى نابع من عقلك مش من غدة فى جسمك...
و ماتطلبش من غيرك أكتر من اللى تقدر تقدمه لو كنت مكانه...

والبقشيش مش منحة منك البقشيش حاجة بتدفعها لواحد بيعمل حاجة انت ماتعرفش تعملها زى انك تمون عربيتك من غير ماتغرق نفسك بالبنزين...
و الشخص الحكيم مش الشخص اللى بيتكلم كويس..لأ.. اللى بيسمع كويس...
و من يضحك أخيرا هو آخر واحد فهم النكتة...
و أكتر حاجة تضايق عدوك إنك ماتحسسهوش إنه عدوك...
ومش ممكن تاخد كل حاجة ..طيب هتحطها فين؟...
و الخبرة أنك تعيد أخطائك بس بخساير أقل من المرات اللى فاتت...
و الخيال أهم من الثقافة...
و لو فكرت هتلاقى الحياة كوميدية بس لو حسيت هتلاقيها مأساة...
و الصاحب زى زراير القميص ممكن تكون من لون تانى بس المهم تكون لايقه عليه...
وخليك فاكر دايما أنه مع تيد فى الغسيل ....مافيش مستحيل.

Flowers Colors Meanings

i've been thinking alot about what flowers colors mean ..the white , Red , Rose & even blue flower ?
they are a great world that contain various feelings with various effect ;)

let's take around in that magical world & try to find a flower that express each one , a flower that describes a day , a flower that bring you tha place that you missed , a flower that reminds you of some one   ..

Rose flower photograph
Red Flowers:
There is good reason red roses are given to sweethearts. It’s because red is symbolic of passion, love, and energy. Red runs through our bodies in raging rivers of blood. Red rushes to our cheeks when we feel the heat of our feelings. Red resonates with the root chakra and reminds us of our animal instincts. Indeed, red is the spark that kindles our most fervent flames of desire. Send red flowers to someone who needs a jolt of energy this shock of color is sure to get their engines revving!  

Orange Flowers
Orange is the closest match to the shade of the sun, so it is symbolic of expansion, growth, and warmth. It is also a color of friendship and community. Think back to when you were a kid, and the sun poured out of the sky after a span of long grey days. Odds are, all the kids in your neighborhood flocked to the streets and parks to play after being cooped up for days. That's the overall feeling of orange; it beckons us to go out and play with friends, remember good times, enjoy the company of like-minds, and share big smiles all around. 

Yellow Flowers:
Yellow is associated with gold, and is considered a symbol of purity, clarity truth and intellect. Mayans viewed the color in yellow to be associated corn, thus it holds symbolism of provision, sustenance, and all things that are wholesome. Scientific studies indicate writing on yellow tablets increases memory retention. This ties the meaning of flower color in yellow to intelligence and reason. Give yellow flowers to your friend in graduate school to help with his/her studies. Or, give a bright bunch of yellow daffodils to your babysitter to indicate your appreciation for his/her ability to provide honest, wholesome care to your kids. 

Green Flowers
Anybody who has endured a long winter will tell you how jazzed they get at the first glimmer of green in spring. The meaning of flower color in green is about renewal, growth, hope, health and youth. Think of luscious emerald lawns, the smell rich with juicy goodness. You can’t help but smile at the thought. Green is also the color of the heart chakra, and so it takes on the meaning of good health. Bright green is the color of Mother Nature at her highest peak. Feel her bounty and embrace her gifts of harvest and health. Express these sentiments by giving a verdant ivy to a friend or loved one today!

Blue Flowers:
The symbolism of blue makes me think of that line in the movie Outlaw Josey Wales when Sandra Locke’s character observed clouds were like “dreams floating across a sky-blue mind.” That’s precisely what blue symbolizes – the clarity found in our dreams, thoughts, and imaginations. The color blue speaks to the dreamers in our world, and blue flowers are the perfect gift to call out the muse in the poet, artist or musician in your life. Or, gather up a bunch of blue flowers when you need a boost of inspiration. They are also the perfect hue for enhancing calm and tranquility. 

Indigo Flowers:
The meaning of flower colors runs deep in the realm of indigo. Consider the cavernous depths of the ocean where currents still themselves to better hear the secrets of their own watery womb. Then consider the yawning waves of indigo clouds that roll on the horizon as an impressive storm brews. Indigo speaks to us of emotions, depth, and expressive moods. Give indigo flowers to people who do too much. The ones you love who never sit still, always running, always doing – these people need indigo in their lives to keep them still so they can listen to the secrets of their own soul-womb.

       Violet Flowers:
This color in flowers is both energizing and spiritual at the same time. It is used in holy articles as a devotional color too. When we see violet our eyes open wider – we allow its vibrancy to flow into our aura. This natural reaction opens our spiritual senses and reminds us that we are all connected to an infinitely divine system. Violets are the perfect sentiment that says to someone “you are unique, special, and part of a perfect whole.” Violet is also considered a color of royalty and nobility in ancient symbolism. Incorporate violet flowers in your life as a symbol of faith, and a reminder that nobility of the heart is the greatest aspiration.