Saturday, 29 December 2012

my 2013 wishlist

1st of all i wanna thank  allah for the best thing i got in 2012  this awesome gift to my life  .. for giving me Mohamed Sehsah  (my fiance  )  Alhamdoulelah  :)

and also thanks allah for any other good or bad  things i got :)

Hi ,

here we are starting a new year .. 
i won't say plz     2013   be nice  ... 

just i beg you not  to be worse than any previous year at least .  

Wishes Wishes Wishes .. that's all i have :)

although i have alot of not  achieved wishes from the previous years   :D , 
but it's ok  , i got alot of good things that i wished & didn't wish as well .

 and i still have alot to wish  in the coming years . 

 my 2013 Wishlist

 - The Weeding Dress


- Travel abroad .

- Job

- Car

- High Heels Shoes 

 - Watch

- Wallet 

- Nice  Abbaya  

- invited for dinner in an  awesome  ( or romantic ) place .

- mobile headphone 

- Pc headphone


- new funny furry slipper 


13 wishes :D

maybe i'm tooooooo ambitious to wish all this in my new year  :D

any way i won't stop thanking allah for all i have , will have or won't have :)

i realize that he makes the best for me  .. always .


hey    2013  .. don't forget  to check my wishlist please    :D