Saturday, 23 June 2012

Here I Am :)

Do you see this girl on this pic  ?  

It's  me  :D

here i am standing in a beautiful place with beautiful things  looking forward for a prettiest thing that's far away of me .. 

but i can see it very clearly  ..
 i know it's really exist for sure .. it's not an illusion at all .. 
it's a realty that i will possess one day .

i don't know exactly what this thing is .. 
maybe it's 

  Hope .. Dream  .. Love .. Forgiveness .. Mercy  .. Ambitious .. Miracle   or maybe it's   a New Life  .

Who knows  ?!! 

i really don't wanna to know exactly what is it .. I wanna reach it first  , then discover what it is .
 cause i'm sure that this thing that i'm waiting is some thing  i need &  something will make my life better  inshaa allah

waiting is always hard .. but waiting good things i think is little exciting  .. 
if and only if  you are sure of what you are waiting for.

and i think i'm sure of it   :)

may  allah accept all our prayers &  do what's best for us ..
      whenever , However  it can be :)


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